Do you love children?

You know, those who don’t have children cannot understand this … actually these are inexpressible feelings when you hold this small helpless creature brought into life by you! These feelings cannot be compared with anything – they must be experienced!

I’ll never understand people who do not wish to have children, which are afraid of dirty pampers, snots, crying. But all these are trifles in comparison with cheerful, carefree children’s laughter, with those moments when your kid falls asleep, having embraced you strong with his small hands and when he gently kisses your cheek, when you see his first steps, first words, when he it starts to hold the spoon without your help. It is possible to list all these happy moments infinitely. And this is the happiness to have children!

And those who don’t love children – just never experienced this happiness and even don’t know about it.

Though certainly there are such people who even having children do not love them … and it is very sad! 😦

But, let’s not talk about sad things! I am assured that kind people are the majority on the Earth, and the victory will be ours!!



It is the best time for vegetables dishes in this time of the year.
The easiest receipt is to fry lightly all vegetables which you have and after arrange it nice on the plate.

Winter is a period of colds, unfortunately!


All these medicines I have to take already a week!

It’s still good that my baby like them.

I’ll necessarily fortify him in summer against all winter diseases. We will walk with him together on the sand and will sleep with open window.


I wish to tell you a little about my travel on Seychelles. First, I did not expect something like that. It is just fabulously beautiful nature.
The only thing that troubled me was that I was very afraid to get into water – it’s Indian ocean actually. My friends that visited India told me before my trip that many dangerous fishes and plants live in this ocean. And that was just terrible. Though, almost everybody around me swam absolutely easy.

I had a terrible headache right on the day of our departure. You can imagine how I felt in the plane. But when we have arrived – I felt perfectly! Probably, not only Seychelles’ nature, but also its energetic is absolutely different!

There are a lot of islands in this place. Just several people live on some of them. So happy people. But we live like in a huge ant hill.

We did not manage to visit other islands except Mahe. We have just relaxed from the seen and in general did not want something more. But now I regret.

The best thing now is to leave everything and to fly there, and to become happy once again. But work holds. As I’ll get tired – I shall depart there!


Winter happens sunny and bright! If this winter will be such – then I’ll have very good mood!

Christmas and gifts are ahead. The good mood should be even in winter, as spring will come soon! Soon – because time flies very quickly.


I think that I’ll visit my blog very rare, my cooking abilities are not interested for anyone. It is pity that I haven’t found here friends who is fond of cooking. If I am wrong, please write me and i’ll come back to that blog. Only God knows what will be tomorrow.

fish market in Tokyo

Today I talked with my friend, he is a cook and lives in Tokyo.
He told me that on the largest fish market in Tokyo, unusual fish is sold on the auction.
I see this with my own eyes!
Yesterday I watched “Atlantis” movie with a great interest, like in childhood. What is the happiness to plunge entirely in a fairy tale.
It is nice and interesting, almost how to cook something for the first time.


I just came back from Kiev.
We have visited 4 restaurants on our back way, and only one I liked.
It’s strange why the restaurants there cooks can’t neither prepare no decorate dishes work?!

An Interesting offer

One employee of the well-known culinary magazine has communicated with me.
Has asked about a meeting. It is very interesting, what will be in the evening?
Anyway I will not agree at his offer at once.
Do not want to change my the life sharply. Even for the love of art  🙂

Cherries tomatoes.

Tomorrow will the best day in a week, I will not go for work and it is possible to spend all day on kitchen. I am going to buy the smallest tomatoes and to preserve them. It will be an excellent ornament for a table in winter.

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